Small Cell Backhaul FSO

  • 10 Gbps full-duplex transmission
  • 300 meter range
  • License free and eye safe operation in infrared wavelengths (1550/1310 nm)
  • RF (2.4 GHz) back-up
  • All-weather robust performance
  • Fully autonomous rotation & alignment
  • Dynamic backhaul reconfiguration via web interface
  • Live network monitoring





Small cells are low-powered radio access nodes which have a range from 10 meters to a few hundred metres. They are deployed on public and private infrastructure within the urban environment. Typical deployment sites include pole tops (e.g., street lighting, traffic lights, telco poles, etc.), bus stops, and building walls. Conventional free space optical (FSO) links in the market are manufactured for deployment on rooftops. These are bulky terminals (typically with a weight of 8-10 kg) and require manual installation/alignment for each time to change its transmission direction.

Our innovative custom-design FSO terminal for small cell backhauling has a small footprint and is equipped with advanced automatic rotation and alignment capabilities. This allows the steering of the transceiver by the cellular operator (without any manual intervention) according to traffic capacity and facilitates the creation of mesh networks among small cells for link redundancy.

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