Elementor #22

Jump start your LiFi research today!
Our LiFi R&D kits enable prototyping of LiFi systems with software defined platforms. Our kits are available at visible and infrared wavelengths. They are compatible with NI USRPs and LimeSDRs. You can use them for indoor, outdoor and underwater communication applications.
MIMO Support
Real-time Video Transmission
MATLAB Compatability
Point-to-Point Wireless Connectivity at the
Speed of Light
Our state-of-the-art free space optical (FSO) terminal delivers point-to-point connectivity at a fraction of the cost of fiber. Its remote alignment feature simplifies initial installation and redeployment. It is an ideal solution for enterprise/campus connectivity and fronthaul/backhaul links.
Small Cell Backhauling for
4G and 5G Networks
Our innovative free space optical (FSO) terminal for small cell backhauling has a small footprint which makes it suitable for installation on pole tops and other type of small cell sites. Furthermore, it is equipped with advanced automatic rotation and alignment capabilities – the first of its kind in the world!… This unique feature allows the remote steering of the terminal by the mobile operator via a web interface according to traffic capacity and facilitates the creation of mesh networks among small cells for link redundancy.
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All you need for prototyping

LiFi Development Tools

Accelerate your R&D with our plug-and-play LiFi kits! Available at infrared and visible light wavelenghts.

QKD Development Tools

Check our selection of high-performance timestamp modules….

RF Development Tools

Check our high-resolution variable attenuators and RF switches for your tests and measurements…. Available up to 13.5 GHz.