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Our RF Tools includes portable, user-friendly programmable RF/microwave test instruments and IO customizable shielded boxes you have been looking for. Our driver-less USB and Ethernet-compatible instruments are designed to meet all your needs at once. You can set up and conduct various wireless network and microwave tests rapidly — cutting out the high cost and steep learning curve of benchtop ATE equipment.
Jump start your LiFi research today!
Our LiFi R&D kits enable prototyping of LiFi systems with software defined platforms. Our kits are available at visible and infrared wavelengths. They are compatible with NI USRPs and LimeSDRs. You can use them for indoor, outdoor and underwater communication applications.
MIMO Support
Real-time Video Transmission
MATLAB Compatability
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Hyperion provides customized solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

First Underwater Quantum Key Distribution System

The underwater Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system, developed specifically for NATO CMRE, represents a groundbreaking advancement in secure communication. As the first of its kind, this system employs quantum mechanics principles to safeguard data transmission beneath the ocean. Utilizing the BB84 protocol, it transmits quantum bits (qubits) through water, leveraging properties like polarization to encode information. The inherent security of quantum states ensures that any eavesdropping attempt disrupts the communication, making it detectable. This pioneering technology offers unparalleled security for a range of underwater applications, from scientific research to military operations.

Dynamic Free Space Optical Communication:
Revolutionizing 5G Backhaul with Fiber-Like Flexibility

Free Space Optical (FSO) communication plays a critical role in the evolution of 5G backhaul networks by providing high-capacity, low-latency links between network nodes. Unlike traditional fiber optics, FSO systems transmit data using light through the air, eliminating the need for physical cables and enabling rapid deployment in challenging environments. This system boasts a unique feature where its direction can be configured dynamically, allowing it to function like a dynamic fiber backhaul network. Offering scalable bandwidth, resilience to electromagnetic interference, and cost-effective solutions for urban and rural connectivity, FSO communication is a key enabler for seamless and robust 5G infrastructure.


Dive into the Future with Custom Design Underwater Optical Communication Solutions

Underwater optical communication modems offer high-speed, low-latency data transmission, far surpassing traditional acoustic methods. They ensure real-time communication, essential for underwater exploration and operations. These modems are less affected by environmental noise and turbidity, providing reliable performance in challenging conditions. Their compact, energy-efficient design makes them ideal for use in autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and sensor networks, enhancing marine research, defense, and underwater infrastructure monitoring.

Unique Test Equipment: The Ultimate Solution for Real-World Wireless Mesh Network Development

Our Mesh network test equipment allows simultaneous interconnection of different devices or test systems. The test equipment effectively operates as a mesh network with independently variable attenuation on every path. This allows emulation of a “real-world” mesh network in the confined space of a production environment. Path loss can be varied independently between any pair of devices and even any pair of ports of the devices – emulating the effects of transmission distance and potential interference, without affecting any other paths.

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