LiFi R&D Kit

  • Perfect solution for system engineers and graduate students who need rapid prototyping of their VLC system designs
  • Compatible with NI’s popular software defined radio platforms USRP and PXI
  • 20MHz electrical bandwidth
  • 170° detector field-of-view
  • LOS and NLOS operation capability
  • Interchangeable lens mechanism

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LiFi R&D Kit is a plug-and-play VLC solution compatible with National Instruments (NI) PXI and USRP Software Defined Radio Platforms and baseband modified LimeSDR’s. It includes custom-design transmitter and receiver VLC front-end modules. It has a wide bandwith (20 MHz) to support even the most demanding video streaming applications. The transmitter has a powerful 5000K 186 lumen LED with an interchangeable lens mechanism. The receiver features a photodetector with a large field of view of 170┬░ enabling a robust performance in non line-of-sight conditions.

LiFi R&D Kit Includes:

  • LiFi transmitter (TX) front-end module
  • LiFi receiver (RX) front-end module
  • Set of nine lens mounts for transmitter
  • Blue band-pass filter
  • DC Adaptors for transmitter and receiver
  • LiFi Toolbox

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 30 cm