LiFi Transmitter

  • Plug-and-play solution for VLC R&D
  • Compatible with NI platforms USRP and PXI and baseband modified LimeSDR USB
  • 25 MHz bandwidth
  • Interchangeable lens mechanism
  • 186 Lumen power LED
  • 50 Ohm I/O impedance

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The LiFi Transmitter is a custom-design front-end for visible light communications (VLC). It has a wide bandwith (25 MHz) to support even the most demanding video streaming applications. The transmitter has a powerful 5000K 186 lumen LED with an interchangeable lens mechanism.

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General Specifications
DC Input Voltage (Max) 5 V
AC Input Voltage (Max) 200m Vpp
Input Impedance 50 Ohms
3dB Bandwidth 100kHz to 25 MHz
Optical Output (Max) 186 Lumen –  5000K
Operating Temperature 5° to 35° C
Storage Temperature 0° to 50° C
Package LiFi Transmitter

1” Lens Holder

5V Power Supply

Part Number LIFITXFE


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