RF Switches 6 GHz



  • High speed switch transition
  • Simple control with USB Interface
  • Operates multiple devices directly from a PC or self-powered hub
  • Easily portable USB powered device
  • Option to create programmable switching profiles and routines for long DVT cycles
  • High power handling up to +29 dBm
  • No need for external DC blocking circuitry with an integrated DC blocks
  • Wideband design offers a frequency range up to 6 GHz
  • High linearity with a typical IP3 as +58 dBm and P1dB as +34 dBm
  • Absorptive design with a very level of isolation up to 50 dB typical
  • Easily programmable for ATE applications

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RFSW-06-SP4T-A-U-S is a very low cost, absorptive SP4T switch with USB control. It offers very high switching speed (< 2.5 µs) as well as very high linearity characteristics with a typical IP3 as +58 dBm and P1dB as +34 dBm. Its solid-state absorptive design comes with an excellent isolation as 50 dB typical over a very high frequency range between 100 MHz and 6 GHz. Its robust and high handling capacity design (+29 dBm) allows RFSW-06-SP4T-A-U-S to be used for a wide variety of RF applications.  USB powered design makes it ideal for automated test setups with a flexibility of creating automated test patterns/sequences.

Table 1 General Specifications

Parameter Notes/Explanations Value
Power Via USB 5V DC, 30 mA
Environment Operating Temperature b/w 0° & 50°
Relative Humidity < 95%
Physical Interfaces Power USB Micro
Control USB
RF SMA (f)
Mechanical Dimensions 79.5mm (L) x 62.93mm (W) x 17mm (D)
Weight 0.26 kg

Table 2 RF System Specifications

Parameter Condition Value Unit
Min. Typ. Max.
Frequency Range 100 6000 MHz
Impedance 50 Ω
Isolation (b/w ports) b/w 0.1 &2 GHz 50 60 dB
b/w 2 & 4 GHz 40 55 dB
b/w 4 & 6 GHz 35 45 dB
Insertion Loss < 2.5 GHz 2.5 3 dB
< 5 GHz 4 4.5 dB
< 6 GHz 4.5 5.5 dB
VSWR 1.5:1 2:1
Max. Input Power +29 dBm
P1dB (COM to Active Port) 31 34 dBm
Input IP3 (COM to Active Port) 53 58 dBm
Switching Speed 180 200 nsec
Supply Voltage (via USB) 4.75 5 5.25 V